We are currently in our concept-proving stage, so we will have sessions in somewhat of a classroom setting to start. There will be set availability- you and up to 5 other attendees will share the time in a group session. You will be assigned an available coach once you’ve been scheduled. After our pilot program is complete, we’ll move to a dedicated 1-on-1 format with the coach of your choosing.

Each coaching session will last between 30 minutes to one hour. 

On the registration form, you will select one of the tracks that you’d like to follow for the 2-session program. If you enjoyed track one, feel free to register again another time for track two!

  • Business Track: Interviewing/professional development
    • Here you will learn how to attain your goals more effectively, and prepare yourself for the professional world. Your path to leadership starts here! We’ll discuss a plan to improve your resume, interviewing skills, handling rejection, and developing good habits for success. 
  • Self Care Track: Personal investment/time management
    • Here you will learn the value of taking care of yourself, emotional intelligence, a getting a handle on your life! School/work can be very hard, and we often take for granted the time we get to ourselves at the end of the day. Take this course if you have trouble managing your time, need help organizing the things that are important to you, and often find yourself burned out from your various responsibilities.

After registering, you will be placed in a queue and you will receive an email response within 2-3 business days. The reply will contain all the information you need: how to prepare, what to bring, and steps to access the room link.

Your coaching session will be scheduled within one week. However, we will do our best to get you set up with the coach as soon as possible.

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